Frequent questions

If I am not able to pick up my luggages by 21:00.
What should I do?
Please contact to “Call Center” (03-4580-7461)which is on your luggage special tag.
Depends on the shop, their service hours is different. Please pick up your luggages while they are open.
One day additional fee is charged if you pick up your luggages the following day.
We are sorry that we have no services for a long term storage. However for the future, we consider this type of service.
Once this service is started, we will release the news in this site.
If I lost the special luggage tag?
First of all, please contact the call center (03-4580-7461) described in the slip.
You will be able to deliver the luggage if you can check the card information you have settled and identify you. Therefore, please note that you can not deliver the luggage to the agent who does not hold the slip.
Please tell me the size and number of luggage that can be checked.
The number does not matter as long as the total of three sides is less than 300 cm and it can be checked with a dedicated key chain. We can also store golf bags, surfboards, snowboards and musical instruments. However, for the safety management of the staff and the luggage, it can be carried by one person (20 kg / piece as a guide) and may be refused if it can not be transported by the elevator.
What happens if the luggage is damaged or lost or destroyed altogether?
All luggages received are covered by insurance from a major non-life insurance company.
The damage caused as a result of the Company will be compensated for the amount assessed as the market value, with the lower limit of the customer’s declared amount for the damage or \300,000/ piece as the lower limit. However, this is not the case unless it comes to natural disasters or our responsibility.
Is here any “Not acceptable items”?
It is stated on the terminal screen at the time of reception, but the following can not be accepted.

  1. Cash and valuables (marketable securities, precious metals, important documents, etc., which cost ¥300,000 or more and which are judged valuable by customers).
  2. Animals and organisms or their remains and corpses.
  3. Hazardous goods such as volatile or explosives.
  4. Those that are prohibited from possession or carrying by law such as guns, swords, drugs, etc. and those judged to be contrary to public order and morals or those that may be used for crime.
  5. What gives off an odor. It is easy to rot and deteriorate.
  6. Unclean things and things that may damage or damage storage locations (warehouses).
  7. Others deemed not suitable for storage.

For cases where the Company suffers damage caused by storage baggage that violates the regulations as described above, we will claim compensation for the damage equivalent.

Do we need advance registration or reservation from the site?
No prior registration or reservation is required. The procedure is easily completed at the reception terminal in the store. After completion, attach a management tag and deliver the luggage to the store staff.
※ If the store is occupied, you may not be able to keep it. Please note.
Can I take out some of the checked luggage or change the checked luggage?
We are not allowed in the safety and quality control of the luggages. However, it is possible to check the contents of the luggages once it has been settled, and check again.
Is it possible for an alternative person to pick up the luggages?
Basically, it will be given to the person who brought the slip.
Delivery is smooth if you can tell so at the time of check.
What is the payment method?
Brand credit cards with an IC chip
“VISA”, “Master”, “JCB”, “AMERICAN EXPRESS”, “Diners Club”, “DISCOVER”
QR code payment
“LINE Pay”, “d payment”, “Pay Pay”, “ALI PAY”, “We Chat Pay”
Can I issue a receipt?
The slip issued at the time of acceptance settlement serves both as a luggage slip tag and a receipt. You will receive it after returning the luggages, so that will be your receipt.
What should I do if I can not get in time because of a disaster etc?
It will be determined according to each situation, please contact the call center (03-4580-7461) described in the slip.
There is no additional charge if circumstances warrant.