Temporary Baggage Agreement

1. About public notice
I announce this policy to the office of the company.

2. What can not be checked
(1) Cash and valuables (security, precious metals, important documents, design drawings, etc. worth more than ¥ 300,000 And those judged as valuables by the baggage temporary storage user)
(2) Corpse
(3) Animal
(4) Hazardous goods such as volatile or explosives
(5) Guns, swords and other items that may be offered for crimes
(6) Those that emit an odor. It is easy to rot and deteriorate
(7) Unclean things and things that may damage or damage storage locations (warehouses)
(8) Those which are prohibited from possession or carrying by law
(9) Other items that are deemed unsuitable for storage

3. Usage fee.
There is no size setting One 1,000 yen a day (including tax).
We shall be able to safely store one side less than 300 cm in size.
However, when storage exceeds 9:00 pm and is taken after the next day,
You will be charged an additional daily fee.

4. Method of storage
We will keep the baggage as it was when it started.

5. Change of storage period
Users can order to extend or shorten the custody period at their own convenience.

6. Storage period and treatment without receipt
(1) If there is no extension instruction, the storage period is up to 7 days.
(2) If the storage period is exceeded, we will dispose of it, and the fee will be used as a storage fee and other expenses.

7. Our responsibility
We assume responsibility for compensation such as loss, destruction that occurred during storage.
However, this does not apply if we prove that our company or our employees did not knowingly or made negligence.

8. Accident liability
In the case of the next issue, even if damage such as destruction or damage occurs to stored goods
We assume no responsibility.
(1) By force majeure such as natural disasters
(2) In the case where the relevant public authority has seized a custodial article or is required to submit it as an evidence by the activation of the judicial power
(3) Loss of stubs, plagiarism
(4) Other cases where the Company does not return to blame

9. Compensation amount if the company is responsible for it
In the case of total destruction, assessment is made based on the market price of either the declared price or the lower limit of either ¥ 300,000.

10. User’s liability
If the company is damaged by the intention or negligence of the user, or by not complying with the terms and conditions and regulations established based on this, I will say compensation for the amount of the damages.

Porta Express Co., Ltd.
1 March, 2019 Temporary Baggage Agreement