No reservations required,
Termporary storage service
Mulitiple luggages

No reservations required!
Check your luggage here!

No register required. Bring your luggages to the shop. No occupied situation as coin locker.

Mutiple -ok!
all together ¥1,000/day

Regardless of the size of the luggage, if it is a number that can be put together with a dedicated key chain, it costs ¥1,000. Regardless of how many pieces are checked in! Achieving the best convenience at the lowest price in the industry.

Settlement easy!
Credit・QR settlement correspondence

Introduces the industry’s first self-payment terminal.
Cashless of credit card and QR code of each company, you can check your luggages without taking time.

How to use

No reservation required.
Bring your luggages on the day.
Easy process and speedy

1.Application and payment

Bring your luggages to the store,
and apply and pay on the dedicated terminal

2.check in

Put the special tag with the slip on your luggages,
ask and check your luggages with store staff.

3.Pick up

Pass the slip of the slip to the store staff,
Completed pick up in exchange for your luggage.


Published in the "PR Times"


  • カラオケ館

Frequent questions

If I am not able to pick up my luggages by 21:00. What should I do?
Please contact to “Call Center” (03-4580-7461)which is on your luggage special tag.
Depends on the shop, their service hours is different. Please pick up your luggages while they are open.
One day additional fee is charged if you pick up your luggages the following day.
We are sorry that we have no services for a long term storage. However for the future, we consider this type of service.
Once this service is started, we will release the news in this site.
If I lost the special luggage tag?
First of all, please contact the call center (03-4580-7461) described in the slip.
You will be able to deliver the luggage if you can check the card information you have settled and identify you. Therefore, please note that you can not deliver the luggage to the agent who does not hold the slip.